The tobacco industry and PhARMA are spending $$$$$$$$$ to take your right to vape away from you.

Millions of us have discovered that vaping, especially vaping nicotine is a life saver for us. Our addiction to nicotine started years ago, way before vaping. An addiction forced on us by the tobacco manufacturers actually adding unnatural amounts of nicotine to the tobacco. They then lied to us about the health risk.

The nicotine in vaping is not tobacco based. And vaping doesn’t have the major risk of smoking burning tobacco — the tars. Vaping is a healthier alternative. No cancer causing tars. Look at the current warning on a cigarette pack, “SMOKING CAUSES DEATH.”

So yes, nicotine is an addiction. One that many of us still need or want. And many of us wish to walk away from. The last being why PhARMA is against us -- they make hundreds of millions of dollars a year on smoking cessation drugs that very often don’t work for us.

Vaping allows people to control their addiction, enjoy the process and end nicotine dependency if they want. But only if the greedy tobacco lobby and PhARMA don’t get their way.

Please. You need to help. We are truly an endangered species. Stop the madness. It’s do or die time.

It’s time for us to raise our voices and be heard,

before no one will listen.

- April Meyers, SFATA Board President

You're a link in a chain. If this is important to you it's important for you to share the awareness of this serious message with your friends – in conversation and social media. Our power is that there are millions of us. We need to get this message to everyone of us. We can't do that without you. The pedestal for the Statue of Liberty was built with a crowdfunding campaign that included pennies donated by children, with more than three-quarters of the donations amounting to less than a dollar. So please donate. And even if you can't, be part of the message. We're counting on you. Please save "us."



No second-hand smoke, vaping allows users to taper off (like a patch), significant health risk reduction, vaping supplies oral satisfaction, Cleaner smelling home, cleaner smelling car, no smoke smell on clothes, vaping is about community, not having to worry the future with my children, significant health improvement and better EKG results, not smoking cigarettes food taste better, no more shortness of breath or chest pains, playing sports is easier, exercising is easier, being more productive at work (less smoke breaks), no yellow teeth, no yellow fingers, I can taste and breath better, I smell amazing, my house and clothes don't smell, no more tightness in chest while breathing, I quit smoking, no lingering smell, no hacking cough, reduced risk of cancer, feeling of overall well being, being able to give up a 25 year smoking habit, improved sports endurance, I am healthier than when I smoked, no weight gain, being able to vape in places you cannot smoke, my pets aren't bothered by smoke, no yellow film on everything, no dirty ashtrays in my home, no cigarette butts littering my yard, no need to buy lighters, no risk of open flames. Hear for yourself here – YouTube.


Flavors are important. Vaping allows for the introduction of flavors to the oral experience. This flavor enhancement has a positive affect on the use of vaping as a cigarette cessation program for adults addicted to nicotine. Making vaping an alternative for adult smokers. 

E-mail us so your voice can be heard.

Save vaping.

You must be 21+ of age. Send us an e-mail and

we will respond with the directions on how to submit your testimonial video to us. We're all in this fight. Your voice is important. Your voice can save your rights.



We do not want our children dependent on anything that is potentially bad for them. When it comes to smoking, drinking or even vaping young people are at more risk of health problems and addiction. We have a zero tolerance position on this.


We're an industry other attack. Don't give the ones attacking us the ammunition to kill us. Follow all labeling guidelines. Do not sell nicotine products to minors. Educate your staff. Educate your customers. Help people taper off nicotine. Warn people that don't smoke that nicotine can become an addiction. Warn vapers that liquids with extremely high levels of nicotine may increase their addiction. Be vigilant. Be honest. Be professional. Otherwise you may wind up with the 2020 version of a Blockbuster store, out of business.

“We can save vaping and protect our children.”

- Mark Anton, SFATA Executive Director

Stop The Madness.

WE NUMBER IN THE MILLIONS BUT WE NEED MILLIONS. If you want your right of free choice, your Constitutional rights to free speech and happiness then you need to help. Freedom isn’t free. The rights often go to the group with the most money to spend at the time it’s needed to be spent. We’re starting in a hole. Big tobacco and PhARMA are prepared to spend millions to eliminate or greatly restrict vaping. But with millions of us it only takes a few dollars from each to defeat the efforts of these BIG corporate bullies. This will be an ongoing effort. So please make a contribution. It can be small like we are. But together we can help save vaping.

Check back soon for information on how to get Save The Vape and Endangered Species merchandise and in-store materials.

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